Alice's Encore harnesses the therapeutic power of music and human interaction to create healing opportunities for those     underserved and affected by trauma.

We also engage the professional and corporate community through music & mindfulness workshops tailored to team building and wellness. These workshops fund a portion of our programming for those who lack access to quality therapy services.

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We provide weekly music and mindfulness programs for families, children and adults to build coping skills and cultivate awareness, confidence and empathy.


“It helped me with my mood. Like when I was mad at a girl in school and the music helped me soothe my anger".

-Middle school aged participant

"I truly believe our families were helped by being in the music group where they were processing all of the things that they have been through".

-Partnered Program Director



Results of a pilot study of our program show that participants experience:

  • positive trends in mood, cooperation, confidence, and kindness.

  • expression of mood through learned techniques

  • a meaningful understanding of empathy

  • an increased awareness of how to treat others and advocate for themselves