(The music group) helped me walk away from bad situations
— Middle school aged participant

In a mixed methods pilot study conducted by our organization with children ages 7-12 in an after school setting, participants and their parents reported an increase in students positive mood, cooperation/direction following,
confidence/self-esteem, and kindness/helpfulness. Students commented that they experienced increased confidence and learned techniques for
mood expression and regulation as well as demonstrating an understanding of empathy, and an increased awareness of how to treat others and positively impact society.

Our program is designed to address the social, emotional, and wellness needs of our participants. A 10-week program with Alice's Encore specifically addresses awareness and understanding of moods, empathy, relationship to self and others, and self-expression. The contemplative practices of mindfulness are entwined with creative and engaging music therapy techniques to foster progress in group that can be maintained and extended into the community.

Would you attend another program with Alice's Encore?

*based on program exit surveys
It helped me with my mood. Like when I was mad at a girl in school and the music helped me soothe my anger.
— Middle school aged program participant
I could go to music group and talk about my feelings
— Middle school aged program participant