Programs & Workshops

At Alice's Encore we believe that group music-making is grounding and centering. It unifies us, and no matter what our differences may be, when we come together and make music as a group, we create common ground, a level playing field, and a mindful space in which to learn from each other, grow, and make positive change in the world.

Does your organization or workplace share our mission to foster creativity and wellness in your members? We create customized experiences that benefit your members as well as the community as a whole. Purchasing an Alice's Encore service in full provides an equal opportunity for a program or workshop for an under served community organization.


Programs usually include 4-8 members, and meet once a week (45 minute sessions) for 10 weeks.

Small group size provides an ideal therapeutic setting. Larger groups may be better served by a workshop involving break-out sessions. 

10-week programs provide a succinct period of time for the group to develop and grow, and then provide closure so that skills learned in group can be used in everyday life. 

No prior experience with music is needed, as instruments utilized in group are chosen for their simplicity to play. Over the course of 10-weeks, participants will experience movement, song-writing, music-making, mindful listening, and working with the breath. 

Contact us  to learn more about our programs for your clients, employees, or colleagues. 

Partnered programs: 

Cameron Community Ministries. Mary's Place Refugee Center. Richard's House: Veteran's Outreach Center, and Educare afterschool programs.


Each professional/corporate or community workshop is specifically designed to meet your group's needs. 

The unique combination of music & mindfulness is ideal for workshops on:

  • teambuilding
  • cultivating creativity
  • work-place wellness 
  • relaxation and retreat

. Contact us to learn more about  our workshops for your employees, group, or organization.